Cavadino & Co Limited

Cavadino & Co Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1995 with Frederik Cavadino as the managing-director who is the great-grandson of CAW Cavadino who started Cavadino & Co in Batavia (now Jakarta) in 1863.

Cavadino & Co has become a premier developer, manufacturer and world-wide distributor of an innovative range of products, properties and services throughout its long history.  All production facilities follow a strict code of conduct and produce in adherence to high international production and material standards like -where applicable- BCSI, SA8000, SEDEX, REACH, OCS/GOTS, RCS/GRS, FSC, EN71 or Rohs.

Business is based on close, long-term and harmonious relationships with the local community we operate in, the government, our factories, our clients and stakeholders.

With its proprietary, development technology, international distribution capacity, capital resources and key alliances with the world-wide business community, Cavadino & Co is poised to continue delivering a most unique and strong range of products and services.

Specialised Business Units

Logo Cees Bags


Better, Naturally! since 1996.  In July 2008 Cees Bags was established; after all activities of the 12 year old company "Kees Becks - Better Bags by Design", originally started by, 50% owned and controlled by Cavadino & Co, were fully acquired by Cavadino & Co with the support of our factories and clients, ensuring continuity of a satisfactory business for all.

Cees Bags produces and deliveres environmentally friendly shopping/carrier bags, (bridal) clothing covers, (string) back packs, boxes & envelopes and other related packaging and items to the retail, promotional and E-commerce industry world-wide.

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As early as 1863 the Cavadino family was represented in the Asian region by our managing-director's great-grandfather Conrad Alexander Willem Cavadino who started Cavadino & Co with a restaurant, bakery and shop at the corner of Rijswijk (Jalan Veteran) and Citadelweg (Jalan Veteran I); a then high-class neighbourhood in Batavia; now known as the centre of Jakarta, on the Island of Java in Indonesia.

In 1872 the main building turned into Hotel Cavadino while the building in front of the hotel accomodated his retail business.  Toko Cavadino (toko = shop in Indonesian) sold everything from sweets, chocolates and cigars from The Netherlands and Manila to wine, beer, liquirs and everyday household items.

So famous had the Cavadino business become that the bridge in front of the hotel was named after it early on.

The building is still in use as a hotel and recognised to be the oldest hotel in Jakarta, albeit with different owners.  In 1899 it was renamed Hotel Lion d'Or, becoming Park Hotel in 1941 and the present Hotel Sriwijaya in 1950.  But taxi drivers will still take you to this hotel when you mention Hotel Cavadino (there are 2 hotels in Jakarta called Hotel Sriwijaya).  Also the bridge is still there and the building formerly housing the toko is now the hotel's restaurant.

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Cavadino & Co handles all trade and investment not done through its specialised entities of which it is the holding company and legal and financial representative with its registered head office in Hong Kong.

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Since 2008 Cavadino & Co has a base in Indonesia through the representation by UD Cavaindo (a privately held independant associate company) in Surakarta, Central Java.